European Polygraph, 2012

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European Polygraph nr 1 (19), 2012

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Nathan J. Gordon, William L. Fleisher, Effectiveness of the Integrated Zone Comparision Technique (IZCT) with Various Scoring Systems in a Mock Crime Experiment by Students

James Allan Matte, Critique of Meta-Analytic Survey of Criterion Accuracy of Validated Polygraph Techniques

Vitas Saldžiūnas, Aleksandras Kovalenko, Vladimir Knyazev, Tests with numbers

Daniel T. Wilcox, Rosie Gray, The Use of the Polygraph with Sex Offenders in the UK

Tuvia Shurany, The Open Letter to Polygraphers

European Polygraph nr 2 (20), 2012

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James Allan Matte, Minimum Number of Polygraph Charts Required to Reach a Conclusion of Truth or Deception in Psychophysiological Veracity Examinations

Polona Selic, Complementary Use of Profiling and Polygraph Method in Slovenia During the Period 1997-2004

Vitas Saldžiūnas, Aleksandras Kovalenko, Alibi Check by Polygraph Examination

Jan Widacki, The European Roots of Instrumental Lie Detection

European Polygraph nr 3 (21), 2012

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Árpád Budaház, Conditions and Requirements of Polygraph Examination

Patryk Paciorek, Review of Research of Detecting Deception Through Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)

James Allan Matte, Effect of the Stimulation Test Administered Before and After the First Relevant Chart of the Control Question Test

European Polygraph nr 4 (22), 2012

Spis treści:

Marcin Gołaszewski, Validated Techniques and Scoring Models for PDD Test Data Analysis ‒ Conclusions from the 2011 APA Report

Vitas Saldžiūnas, Aleksandras Kovalenko, Search for New Tests

Jan Widacki, Polygraph Examination in Criminal Cases. Current Polish Practice. A Critical Study