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    "Księgi naszego Andrzeja Fricza nie potrzebują zalecenia". Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski (ok. 1503-1572) [1]
    0 pojęciu bezpieczeństwa [1]
    10 lat członkowstwa Polski w Unii Europejskiej. Skutki włączenia do jednolitego rynku europejskiego [1]
    10 lat Polski w NATO [1]
    20 Years of WTO – Effects of Its Activity and Perspectives of Its Functioning in the Context of Proliferation of Regional Agreements in the World Trade [1]
    20 Years with the Global War on Terror: A Critical Evaluation and Thoughts on How to Prevent Future Terrorism [1]
    A brief history of americanization [1]
    A Comparison of Polygraph Examination Accuracy Rates Obtained Using the Seven-position Numerical Analysis Scale and the Objective Scoring System (A Study on the Polish Population) [1]
    A Field Polygraph Examination: Science or Art? [1]
    A Field Study of the Backster Zone Comparison Technique's Either-Or Rule and Scoring System Versus Two Other Scoring Systems When Relevant Question Elicits Strong Response [1]
    A Field Study on the Validity of the Quadri-track Zone Comparison Technique [1]
    A Half-Century of Experiences with the Polygraph [1]
    A History Note A Peep at the “Peak Of Tension (POT)” Test & other “Recognition Tests” [1]
    A Hundred Years of Polygraphy: Some Primary Changes and Related Issues [1]
    A Little About Memory Traces [1]
    A new ICAPM approach to multifactor stock pricing using Bootstrap [1]
    A new order of religious freedom [1]
    A Polygraph-Assisted Psychological Assessment of Risk of Sexual Harm Posed by a Priest [1]
    A Realistic Perspective of the Art and Science of Forensic Psychophysiology [1]
    A renaissance in voice analysers as tools for detection of deception? [1]